Sami Younes


Perspective For Valhalla UberMod



540 presets

All presets are organised by type and mode.

Each preset name is preceded by a X0X number.
The first figure gives you the type of the effect : Small Reverb, Big Echo, etc.
And the last one, the UberMod's mode used.

Library size: 1.1 MB installed
Requirements: Valhalla UberMod v1.02
Delivery: Download

Presets by type:

1- Reverb Short : 49
2- Reverb Medium : 38
3- Reverb Large : 23
4- Reverb Huge : 45
5- Echo Small : 39
6- Echo Big : 61
7- Phaser, Flanger, Doubler : 68
8- Drones : 136
9- Manglers And Other Things : 81

Price: € 8 EUR

Audio Demos

What They Say...


Perspective is tremendous value and expands @valhalladsp UberMod so much!

Fun preset names too. Keep it up! "

by Torley from Seattle, Washington

"meant to reply on this sooner, Sami ...but yeah! These presets are very nice indeed!

I've only gotten thru a few of them because once I find an interesting one (very quickly...) the sound is so unique that I have to figure out "what it making it tick" ...and of course each time i do that, I look up and realize I've been down the rabbithole for 20mins at least!

I find that any sort of preset that captures my attention like that is worth the price...and in this case its WELL worth the price of course :D"

by blortblort from Atlanta, Georgia

"Man these are so good... and so plentiful! Great value - thanks!"

by giacometti777 from KVR