Sami Younes


Soundset Vol.1 for Serum



128 presets
39 wav samples (44.1 kHz/24 bit)
129 wavetables

All presets have Velocity, Modwheel, Aftertouch and the 4 Macros extensively assigned.
Library size: 125.8 MB installed
Requirements: Xfer Records Serum v1.073+
Delivery: Download

Presets by type:

12 Basses (BA)
41 Mallets, Bells & Plucks (MAL)
11 Keys (KY)
2 Soft Leads (LD)
11 Pads & Strings (PD)
1 Percussion (PERC)
3 Soundscapes (SC)
46 Synths (SY)
1 Sequence (SQ)

Price: € 36 EUR

Video Demos

Audio Demos

What They Say...

"So nice to have banks that 'live', that modwheel, aftertouch, macros are mapped and bring them to life..."

"what I also like about this bank is that at least I think, you used Serum unabashedly as what it is to me, a fantastic Digital synth..."

by zvenx from Kingston, Jamaica

"Really enjoying this patch bank, Sami. Thanks for making very good sounds for Serum that are not all EDM, Serum can go so beyond that cliche when in the hands of a capable programmer. These patches fit in the mix well and also sound big. Some can tax cpu a bit (even on my vader helmet 6 core). Overall a job well done and look forward to Vol .2."

by synthpunk from Soho, New York